The RAYO Vision

My vision for RAYO is to inspire women to be confidently their authentic selves, by providing them with the styles they deserve in the sizes they need. 

Founded by me, Paula Oyinkan in 2017, RAYO started as a footwear company for ladies with larger feet and has truly been on a journey of self discovery ever since.

I've come to realise that RAYO isn't about me it's about we. As tall women, women with larger feet, women that don't fit societies definition of "average", confidence isn't something that comes to many of us easily. It certainly doesn't help that when you walk into a retail store, often, finding your size is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Quite frankly... enough is enough. It's time that we tall women and women with larger feet get the fashion we deserve. We're more than just our size, we love fashion too, we are stylish, we are creative, we are ever evolving and it's about time our fashion options reflect that. 

RAYO is a brand that not only provides larger sized shoes for ladies but is also a brand that encourages women to be confident in their own skin. After all, who wants to be average anyway?