Introducing #Perfectlyimperfect

Rayo was established, in August 2017, as a luxury footwear company for ladies with large feet, that have a sense of fashion and want stylish shoes that fit.  Although this is a rather frustrating issue for many women that wear a UK size 7-11, towards the end of 2017 our founder came to the realisation that Rayo needs to be more than just a company that sells shoes. This led to the creation of our vision 

to inspire women to embrace their differences and be completely and unashamedly themselves.

Silver grey large size womens shoes

Some might say she had an epiphany or a eureka moment, whatever you want to call it the fact of the matter still stands, how do we inspire women to embrace their differences?

Introducing #PerfectlyImperfect

#PerfectlyImperfect is a campaign that we recently launched across our social media channels and the first phase of the campaign is to share quotes from ladies that we feel are doing amazing things that detail what their differences are and how they embrace them.

Valour magazine quote

So what do you think makes you different? And how do you embrace your differences?

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