Fiona - She can. She did #PerfectlyImperfect

We asked Fiona, founder of She can. She did, how she embraces her differences for our #perfectlyimperfect campaign. Not only do we love her energy but we love what she had to say... 

“Growing up when everyone knew the lyrics to the latest songs, I was memorising the Les Miserables soundtrack, when everyone my age was learning all the latest slang, my sister had  to teach me what everything meant, when friends were getting drunk in the local park, I was running around after them making sure they were okay…! 

Basically, I’ve never been one of the “cool kids!” Once upon a time I always wanted to fit in but as I’ve gotten older I’m happier being that little bit different. I like to think of it as the “Elle Woods effect” (who doesn’t love a good chick flick with a lawyer who wears hot pink?!) Something clicked in me after watching that film and that was, that it was okay to ‘be that girl’.  Be that girl that compliments another and genuinely means it, be that girl who wears bright colours when everyone else is in black, be that girl who studies hard and aims high even when people around you don’t share your vision or think you’re being “too ambitious” and be that girl who’s not willing to settle for anything less than she deserves (which is a whole lot!)…

I’ve been called kooky, quirky, the list goes on… but at the end of the day I’ve learnt to embrace all of that and look back and laugh because I’m proud of the woman that the ‘kooky’ kid has become.”

How do you embrace your differences? #Perfectlyimperfect

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