5 tips for staying motivated (in life)

Yes we know this article isn't shoe related but we want you to know that Rayo is so much more than just shoes which is why we'll be using this blog as a platform for our random thoughts of wisdom, epiphanies and shout outs to fabulous ladies like yourself.

So, here goes... Here are our five top tips for staying motivated in life.


Focus on the end goal

What is your end goal and why are you doing whatever it is you're doing?

Whenever you think about this reason that should give you the spark you need to carry on and keep pushing through. If it's being in a job that you don't particularly like to get the experience you want for that dream job, then stick at it and keep pushing through until you are ready to take that next step. As long as the reasons behind what you are doing are pure and you have a passion for that end goal then there's no reason why it wouldn't give you that extra motivational jolt. Concern should really begin to arise when you don't have that jolt and you no longer know what the end goal is.


Whether you do it or not the time's going to go by

Sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture. Regardless of whether or not you do what you need to do the time is still going to go by. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can think about how much you need to start eating healthier for the next 3 months or you can start eating healthier and see the results in 3 months. The facts still remain the same... whether you eat healthier or not 3 months are still going to pass by.


Set small achievable targets along the way

A momentous goal can sometimes be quite intimidating but when broken down into small more achievable chunks our dreams can become our reality sooner than we anticipate. 

Whether it's saving for a house or revising for a major exam, breaking the end goal down can make the "dream" so much more real. For example, saving £10,000 can seem like a momentous task however saving £250 a month for several months appears more achievable. And of course ...


Don't forget to reward yourself

If it's losing 10lbs or saving £2,000 don't forget to reward yourself with the things you love the most. No one knows you more than you do so make sure you're rewards are enticing and exactly what you need to spur you on.


Do look back

Many people say don't look back but sometimes that's exactly what you need to do to see how far you've come. Although your target may seem like a long way off you'll often be surprised at how far you've come from the days when it really was all just a dream.

This post is dedicated to our founder because although she wants to achieve so much more she really can appreciate how far she's come from when Rayo was all a dream. 

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